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About the General Studies Fledgling Comprehensive Programme 2024

After reviewing the extensive UPSC CSE Syllabus, many aspirants struggle to determine where to start. Most find it challenging to recall what they learned in school, especially in subjects like social studies and related concepts. Keeping up with the rigorous preparation required for the UPSC Civil Services Exam from day one proves exceedingly difficult, as significant time is spent re-engaging with these concepts.

To address this challenge and facilitate a smoother transition into civil service preparation, SVI UPSC is launching a program where students will learn to spread their wings inside the classroom before taking flight.

The General Studies Fledgling Comprehensive 2-Year Program, starting January 2024, aims to establish a fundamental knowledge base with essential understanding and retention. The program will progress from basic to advanced knowledge of General Studies to prepare students for both the Prelims & Mains of the Civil Services Exam, following the UPSC curriculum.


SVI UPSC Foundation Programme’s whole idea is to reinvent:

how preparation for Competitive Exams has to be approached

how to make the best use of time to lay a strong foundation as early as possible

Help the student realise her strong and weak areas as soon as possible to work on them


A redesigned pedagogy to deliver classes is the key to the Programme. It has been designed keeping in mind the interest and learning capacity of college students and also what can help them best retain their studies in order to perform better in the various Competitive Exams.

Features of General Studies 2 Year Foundation Programme

Our General Studies PCM Classroom Programme for the CSE Exam 2025 has been thoughtfully created and has the following distinguishing features:

  • The duration of each class will be 2.5 hours.
  • The classes will be conducted everyday, throughout the week.
  • 400 + Class Lectures – 300 General Studies Classroom Lectures and 100 Current Affairs Online Lectures.
  • 1000+ Hours of teaching delivered by experienced subject specialists.
  • Access to Revision classes: All class lectures can also be accessed online by the students.
  • Access to mentoring sessions during the course period to clear their doubts and guidance regarding preparation.
  • Around 20 Yellow Books will be provided as Focused Study Material to specifically address the requirements of Civil Service Examination and entirely cover the comprehensive General Studies subjects for the Prelims and Main exam as per the UPSC syllabus provided.
  • Access to Monthly Current Affairs Magazine Recitals – classroom students will be provided hard copies from the office and online students will be provided with a soft copy in PDF format in the portal.
  • Access to Prelims Test Series- 30 Prelims Tests of General studies and current affairs will be provided.
Why Choose the 2 Year GS Fledgling Programme?



Many aspirants lack a thorough understanding of General Studies and the UPSC Civil Services Exam pattern. An aspirant struggles to understand complex concepts, daily current affairs, and articles without the fundamental knowledge of core subjects.

As per our observations, the aspirants encounter the following significant challenges:

Lack of fundamental knowledge of the core General Studies subjects.
Lack of a thorough understanding of comprehensive Prelims and Mains CSE Syllabus.
Haphazard and ineffective Mains and Prelims preparation.
Absence of determination, dedication, and discipline

Who should join the General Studies Fledgling Programme 2024?



Aspirants in college graduation or masters programs.

Aspirants who are seeking for a steady pace as they progress from having no prior foundational knowledge to having advanced UPSC CSE knowledge.

Aspirants who wish to increase their chances of successfully clearing the UPSC CSE Prelim Test and Main Exam in 2026.

How will the General Studies 2 Year Foundation Course help you?

The General Studies Fledgling Comprehensive Programme:

  • Help students to strike a healthy balance between their regular studies and the UPSC CSE preparation.
  • Allows the students to progress at a more manageable pace, develop required skills and abilities steadily, and lay a strong foundation with the two-year Programme.
  • Increase students’ confidence in their preparation as well as lay a solid foundation in line with UPSC standards.
  • Assist the students in effectively comprehending UPSC trends and patterns.
  • Encourage the students to maintain discipline in their preparation rather than launching into it headfirst.
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