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About the SVI UPSC General Studies PCM Coaching

With over five decades of expertise in education, SVI UPSC comprehensively grasps the distinct requirements of aspiring individuals aiming to excel in the esteemed Civil Service Exam and contribute meaningfully to national progress.

Through the PCM General Studies PCMClassroom Programme tailored for UPSC CSE 2025, SVI UPSC endeavors to address the specific needs of such aspirants. The core objective of the Programme is to furnish a robust framework of holistic knowledge and its practical application across all phases of the examination—Prelims, Mains, and the Interview—for every student.

The teaching methodology is meticulously crafted to deliver classes that facilitate students in transitioning seamlessly from fundamental to advanced levels, aligning precisely with the demands of the UPSC CSE syllabus. With its comprehensive and well-structured schedule, ensuring timely syllabus completion and ample time for iterative revisions, the Programme also aims to instill discipline, dedication, and resilience in students.


SVI UPSC Foundation Programme’s whole idea is to reinvent:

how preparation for Competitive Exams has to be approached

how to make the best use of time to lay a strong foundation as early as possible

Help the student realise her strong and weak areas as soon as possible to work on them


A redesigned pedagogy to deliver classes is the key to the Programme. It has been designed keeping in mind the interest and learning capacity of college students and also what can help them best retain their studies in order to perform better in the various Competitive Exams.

Features of the SVI UPSC College GS Course

Our General Studies PCM Classroom Programme for the CSE Exam 2025 has been thoughtfully created and has the following distinguishing features:

  • The duration of each class will be 2.5 hours.
  • The classes will be conducted everyday, throughout the week.
  • 400 + Class Lectures – 300 General Studies Classroom Lectures and 100 Current Affairs Online Lectures.
  • 1000+ Hours of teaching delivered by experienced subject specialists.
  • Access to Revision classes: All class lectures can also be accessed online by the students.
  • Access to mentoring sessions during the course period to clear their doubts and guidance regarding preparation.
  • Around 20 Yellow Books will be provided as Focused Study Material to specifically address the requirements of Civil Service Examination and entirely cover the comprehensive General Studies subjects for the Prelims and Main exam as per the UPSC syllabus provided.
  • Access to Monthly Current Affairs Magazine Recitals – classroom students will be provided hard copies from the office and online students will be provided with a soft copy in PDF format in the portal.
  • Access to Prelims Test Series- 30 Prelims Tests of General studies and current affairs will be provided.
Why choose the SVI UPSC General Studies PCM

Many aspirants dream of becoming a civil servant. However, the majority of aspirants get stuck in the Prelims stage for years. Even if they clear the Prelims, they struggle to clear the Mains Exam for a variety of reasons, including answer writing, time management, the ability to write extensively, switch between topics of various subjects, and answer writing. The competitive nature of the UPSC CSE Exam requires, to put it mildly, at least a year of committed and diligent preparation.


According to our observation, most aspirants encounter the following significant challenges:

  • Aspirants lack a thorough understanding of the Preliminary and Mains UPSC CSE Syllabus.
  • Aspirants prepare for the Main Exam after clearing the Prelims Exam, which results in a disjointed and ineffective preparation.
  • Aspirants lack a fundamental knowledge of the essential subjects.
  • Aspirants lack discipline when it comes to their preparation.
  • Aspirants lack the dedication needed to fully master the extensive and dynamic UPSC CSE syllabus, despite their determination.
  • The subjects covered in the lectures are not repeatedly revisited and revised by aspirants.
  • Even aspirants with strong educational backgrounds struggle to deliver, use, and answer questions in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Despite having a strong foundation and strong writing abilities, aspirants struggle to finish all 20 questions of each Mains Paper on time.
Who should join the SVI UPSC General Studies Coaching

Aspirants who are either in their third year of college graduation or have already graduated.

Aspirants who are either in their post-graduate programme or have already completed it.

Aspirants who plan to take the UPSC CSE in the following year, i.e., 2025.

Aspirants who want to lay a solid and comprehensive foundation for the Prelims and Mains.

How will the SVI UPSC Foundation Programme help you?

General Studies PCM Programme will help students in a wide range of ways, including by encouraging early and effective learning, practicing strategies, and increasing General Studies knowledge, all of which will build a solid foundation covering the fundamentals of the Competitive Exams’ syllabi in granular and thorough detail.

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